While Wisdom of the Crowd reigns New York City, Greenwich is where the hotties are

One word, Vulnerable, where has vulnerable gone?

Crowdspeak ate it up, Maverick vulnerability succumbed to the Wisdom of the Crowd and thus the crisis… see “Challenging the Crowd in Whispers, Not Shouts.”

The womanizer in Britney Spears “Womanizer” is acted out by Brandon Stoughton, an LA Model.

And in real life New York City, where have all the womanizers gone?

“American investment banking, the entire industry, sank without a trace in the last few days.

So where does this leave the Masters of the Universe? In Greenwich, Conn., mainly. The hottest, brightest, most ambitious young men began abandoning investment banking in favor of hedge funds six years ago. Your correspondent can describe scenes of raging carotid-aneurytic anger as the young hotshots resigned. Security goons seized them by the elbow and marched them off the floor at six miles an hour. They couldn’t touch anything in or on their desks — not even the framed picture of Mom and Buddy and Sis, propped upright from behind by little cardboard wings covered in synthetic velvet — so furious were their superiors. Their biggest producers and future leaders were walking out on them.”–Tom Wolf, September 27, 2008, “Bonfire of the Vanities

The Broken Mirror

Broken Merrill Model Succumbs to Independents

The Hotties flee

Boutique Investment Firms Wooing Fleeing Talent


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