Who wins when you don’t Vote for an original?

Create an Original © 2006 Bubblegumvision

I probably love my facebook picture more than I love facebook because it asks the viewer to create an original.

I’ve spent a lifetime on humanitarian work showing young people how to design their own lives; whether it was teaching them the “hows” of passing their college entrance exams or how to design by looking inward.

To vote for anyone else but Nader would be inconsistent with my lifetime choices.

Real Change comes when you Vote for Nader!

Isn’t it true that youth vote will not be so big and why? Rock the Vote leaves out the important stats of how many youth are registered to vote. Probably because they did not bother to find out. They tell you instead something that is entirely untrue, that 87% of young people are planning to vote. This simply is not true.
See “Little Evidence of Surge in Youth Vote“, i.e. “Gallup polling in October finds little evidence of a surge in young voter turnout beyond what it was in 2004. While young voter registration may be up slightly over 2004, the reported level of interest in the election and intention to vote among those under 30 are no higher than they were that year.”

For Once in Your life, don’t be a part of the Pack! Vote Nader!

If you punch the Democratic card you get this version of Corporate President:

Clinton and Gore rammed through NAFTA and the WTO, destroyed welfare, and broke promises on universal healthcare, striker replacement laws, abortion, gays in the military, and more. Under Clinton, the prison population exploded from 1.2 million to 2 million. Clinton was the main enforcer of the murderous sanctions on Iraq, which killed more than 1 million Iraqis. —Nader, a Wasted Vote?

Otherwise you will be able to complete your “bobbledreams” collection, basically continued scapegoats for the Democratic ticket.

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