Oh great "they" decided. between 2 of the same

The only difference is that those who make $250,000 and upwards will relinquish their Bush tax cuts, a move that won’t affect the wealthy, just the upwardly mobile.

People of color who already had a voice will say suddenly things are better.

The democrats will get to keep royally screwing up this nation. Personally I voted for anything but democrat or republican today. Anyone who was in office now I did not vote for. If there were no choices for a candidate I did not vote in that category, i.e. judges. I will be one of the few who will be able to hold my head up when people realize that no change has been made.

The biggest joke of this evening is that Americans were most concerned about economics, that they voted regarding economics.

Lets see where are those charts I made that show that Obama received significantly more funding from the banks and looky here, here is what is not going to change, because its the change that puts this new president in office.

“In late September, the I.R.S. restored tax breaks for banks that take big losses on bad loans inherited through acquisitions. Now we learn that JPMorgan Chase and others are planning to use their bailout funds for mergers and acquisitions, transactions that will be greatly enhanced by the new tax subsidy.”–So Little, So Much Change

Yes at 11:00 p.m. I knew there would be no change, my air monitor checked in at 2,600. It starts detecting cigarette smoke at .05. That means, multiply by 4, for a total of 10,400 small air particles. 3,000 means very poor air. All these people in my building carrying on with cigarettes right now about “their” new president. They are in the hallways and elevator and stairwell smoking up a storm and screaming. Sirens are going off. They are the ones who take my breathe and life away every day, every day they make my life a living hell. Do you really think that I am going to experience change in the next 4 years?

The influx of more Democrats into Congress will be the problem. They are the ones who socially painted the current economic scene. Its no great news that there will be more of them. That people voting because they liked the looks of Obama just lazily chose the Democratic ticket full swipe without discretion sets a grave disaster tone for the nation’s future. Its the biggest problem to come, not the new president. See comments for the Real Time Economics — Nobel Laureates

You didn’t get a piece of them; they got a piece of you!



Bank of America



Bear Stearns



Citigroup Inc



Goldman Sachs



JPMorgan Chase & Co



Lehman Brothers



Merrill Lynch



Morgan Stanley









Center for Responsive Politics data.


All the numbers on this page are for the 2008 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on Monday, September 29, 2008.


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