Money, Bloomberg’s Got it in the Bag, but does he Get It?

The congestion pricing plan folded ungracefully out of the Bloomberg’s hands back into D.C. lala land after his fling of bling into the New York State senate bounced back. Cause the Mayor didn’t get money. If he got money he would have charged $32 for each cruise into the city. He did not. He made a weak point. Cause he didn’t get monay.

He flinged bling at the city counsel while the governor just looked the other way. He got third term limit but he didn’t get money.

He wants now to charge 5 cents for a plastic bag when others are charging up to $200 for “this is not a plastic bag.” If he got money he’d charge $1.00 a bag, lets see who then gots the money.

Meanwhile, likely republican mayoral candidate, the Cat gets money in Brooklyn, July 2008.


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