Energy and Water: Wealth Redistribution or a Deadly Combination for Upstate New York and New York City?

Nature pumped Metropolitan © 2008


Prosperity Promise

not all its Hydrofracked up to be?

$10 billion filtration plant for the City in exchange for “a bad run of luck” for upstate New York?

So far New York City has spent $1.5 billion protecting the rights of its 90,000 square acres of watersheds upstate…

Norwegian energy giant StatoilHydro intends to invest about 3.4 billion dollars (2.65 billion euros) in a shale gas project in the United States, it said in a statement on Tuesday.” …

On November 11, 2008 StatoilHydro formed strategic alliance with Chesapeake Energy Corporation, the largest U.S. Natural gas producer.

“The agreement will cover more than 32,000 leases in the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Ohio. Chesapeake plans to continue acquiring leases in the Marcellus shale play. StatoilHydro has the right to a 32.5% participation in any such additional leasehold.”

Its no secret that Chesapeake Energy Corporation has total FedPac receipts of $811,463 for 2008 to date and Statoil ASA (now StatoilHydro) has recorded federal lobby expenses of $613,884 for 2008 to date and in 2007, $1.29 million. Both companies gave modestly to all the media chosen presidential candidates including Hillary Clinton.

Note: May 15, 2008, “StatoilHydro (NYSE: STO), a recent merger of the state oil company Statoil and Norsk Hydro. At the recent Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, StatoilHydro received an award for its work in developing a massive gas field in the North Sea, called Ormen Lange.”

In 1994 StatOil employees invented flare gas recovery, a process that puts Norway at 0.5% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions from flaring. See “Saving money and the environment.” No environmental care samples appear on StatOil’s plate for the highly controversial hydrofracking project ahead. The most disturbing part of this plan is that the Department of Environmental Conservation will rewrite the hydrofracking rules next year.

“The rules will address how and where water is taken out, and what is done with it after the water is used during drilling, when it will contain a blend of sand and drilling chemicals.”

Did you ever notice that at least in New York State there are loads of rules but very little understanding, implementation and plans for enforcement thereof? Do read the admittance that hydrofracking has only been done on a very small scale since the 1940s and it is so safe. Get it? Yeah, we are guinea pigs one mo’ time. See “DEC to Shield Water in Gas Boom.”

The Promise of 14 years of Prosperity for Upstate New York after a decade of economic depression underlies the natural gas reserve of the Marcellus shale formation, a formation that spans several states: Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and southern New York State (particularly Catskills and Sullivan and Delaware counties). See “What is the Marcellus Shale?”

Charmed? or setup for a lifetime of misery?

Currently we are spitting up our lungs in New York City because of the love affair of the City and tobacco and privileged and impoverished gas guzzlers; a mass transportation system that is for the unions and the unions only, to hell with mountaintops. Yeah, take away our water. Just remember there are people in the NYC who have suffered just as hard and long as their upstate New York counterparts.

How do agents get to this Eastern Gold? Hydrofracking…

Hydrofracking is a process of blasting down sand and chemically treated water into right-angled holes to fracture rocks and release trapped gas and it requires millions of gallons of water and “temporary” storage of chemically treated water; you know the water that didn’t seep through the watersheds.

See more “Natural Gas Boom…

Currently the hydrofrack targets two main reservoirs that provide New York City with over 50% of its water.

“The Catskill system includes 2 reservoirs and supplies up to 40 percent of the City’s daily needs and the Delaware system, in parts of Delaware, Ulster and Sullivan Counties southwest of the Catskill watershed, includes 4 reservoirs which provide 50 percent of the City’s daily water needs.”–Celebrating New York City’s Clean Drinking Water

And when you leave this post, just as you left the ones about tobacco smoke in apartments, to go back into your little self-absorbed bureacracy that dictates this has to be fiction, Hollywood, just remember “they” (the same people at the Department of Conservation) said “they” would remember Love Canal and yeah, “they” did not.

“New York State health commissioner, “Among its legacies, Love Canal will likely long endure as a ‘national symbol of a failure to exercise a sense of concern for future generations.”–After 10 years the Trauma of Love Canal Continues (NYTimes, 1988)


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