Buh-Bye but He is Not a Qwitter,…

Yep, its confirmed Obama must say buh-bye to internet communications: blackberry, email, twitter, myspace, facebook and all other social networking sources that propelled him into the money that got The Office. He’ll be the second president to do so.

“Since I do not want my private conversations looked at by those out to embarrass, the only course of action is not to correspond in cyberspace, this saddens me. I have enjoyed conversing with each of you.”–Mr. Bush wrote from his old address, G94B@aol.com.”—If Obama has to, yes he can.”

Time off from Twitter to Be in the Zone

Some bloggers stated over the weekend that Obama had quit Twitter; evidenced by his last twitter on November 5, 2008.

A Qwitter in Twitter land is when someone no longer follows a twitter. Obama does not have qwitters, check it out, http://www.twitter.com/barackobama See Catching Twitter Quitters here.

Vitamin writes “Shut Up and Get to Work.” Perhaps Obama is just on a twitter sabbatical so he can experience “In the Zone.”

Most likely though it is the Presidential Records Act that is in control. It puts all of the President’s correspondence in the official record and for public review and requests for subpoena.


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