Who let the HydroFracturing Out of the Safe Drinking Water Act?

This is a continuing dialogue about Energy and Water and Unmitigated Greed…

The Marcellus Shale project and the need for transparency and proof and demonstrations that StatOilHydro and Chesapeake can do the job. Most importantly though, does the job need doing? Do we need gas? And do we need it so bad that we are willing to poison our populations and wildlife? The obvious answer is “NO”. Greed has got to go!

When it comes to your New York City H2O who can you trust? Apparently no one.

Mayor Bloomberg can’t even find a replacement for the top office of the Department of Environmental Protection cause basically its over budget and in hoc to the feds. Personally, this is one of the departments that did not answer an urgent letter of the toxic levels found in my apartment well over a year ago.

New York State has their typically hokey pokey meetings and law writing activities humming away, an endless tune meaning nothing is happening, or is going to happen. The Marcellus Shale meetings. The Bunk:
Commissioner’s Testimony on Natural Gas Drilling in the New York City Drinking Water Watershed and Commissioner’s Testimony at NYS Assembly Hearing on Oil and Gas Drilling

The crux of this matter, a request for your urgent attention, is underlined by Sam Smith at Gristmill in his story about unacceptable levels of benzene in the water in Sublette County. check his story out.

“Sublette County is the home of one of the nation’s largest natural gas fields, and many of its 6,000 wells have undergone a process pioneered by Halliburton called hydraulic fracturing, which shoots vast amounts of water, sand, and chemicals several miles underground to break apart rock and release the gas.”

A hydrologist sampled 300 feet under in a Sublette County well and pulled up a foul, brown smelly water sample that contained benzene ” in a concentration 1,500 times the level safe for people.”

Your trusted federal agency for the environment, the EPA said:

“The process has been considered safe since a 2004 study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that it posed no risk to drinking water. After that study, Congress even exempted hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Today fracturing is used in nine out of 10 natural gas wells in the United States.”

The media is filled to the brim with how safe this fracking process is. Personally, I shudder instantly when I see the words Halliburton, “they” don’t (see Halliburton Watch). No, “they” talk about how regulated the process is going to be, how New York Governor Paterson is having the advanced technologies written into the law, how Chesapeake is looking for ways to reduce water (spelled cut down on costs). Still law is just law, very seldom adhered to and enforced and never remembered and impossible to fight in court. Let’s get this “total greed” thing figured out without law please.

So please, keep updated with the Delaware RiverKeeper:

Ongoing threats in Pennsylvania and New York State in the Upper Delaware River headwaters region related to thousands of leases that have been signed by landowners with drillers.

UPDATE: DRN’s amicus brief in the gas drilling case filed with PA Supreme Court. http://delawareriverkeeper.org/pdf/brief.pdf

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