Ultra Lame Brain of the MTA; Alternative Transportation needed

Why don’t the boys in Albany do something?

After all the straining in the boy’s room all the MTA could come up with is raised fares and decreased environment and services. Real creative but atypical of thinking patterns of the businesses in New York City. Yes New York City has been a landscape for mind rot ever since Mayor Bloomberg bought New York City 8 years ago. He could have fought for control of the MTA and had a shiny example of something he actually did for the City.

Problem with the MTA’s get rich quick scheme is the future. MTA will be asking for more money and more reduced services in six months.

For me its nothing tragic a toss between total mind rot, abuse and harassment all day working for someone else or smoke in my lungs all day as I work on my own businesses in the slum apartment I pay $1200 a month for. Ok, I’ll decide tomorrow or whenever did they say they are going to start destroying the subway and all the businesses in New York City? Every day we wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for a bus or a train. I have to make a transfer so that means everyday already I wait 1 hour to catch something very stinky and crowded. Then it takes an additional 45 minutes to get to either work or home.

Yes it all boils down to having to work for a boss that tells you and the people around you that you are stupid all day or having your lungs, hair, skin etc corroded 24 hours instead of 5 hours a day. I was hoping my boss would fire me today but he didn’t, maybe tomorrow?

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