Bad Karma Bank Overcomes Him

When shall they overcome him? Who wants to know? Dealbreaker

Excuse making is very, very bad karma…

Just ask my unit owner, first she blamed me for all the leaks and holes in her apartment pre-movein because her agent said I had to move in early, false; second she blamed me for her unit causing me to get really sick and lose my beloved job after seven months of warning her about the vicious cigarette smoke in every freaking centimeter of the apartment. Yep her future is darker than his…

And….Yep that’s how Mr. Pandit operates, oh but on a higher level, SEC, please please do away with upticks they are causing us to lose market he said. Yep those whiny brats got their short sell ban. Annoyed? me? No its just that wasn’t Bad Karma Bank and Lehman Bros h-u-g-e sellers of shorts only last year?

And now, well maybe about five hours ago all of Bad Karma Bank’s (hmm) bad karma is due to rumour mongers. Yep Intel quotes “him” on it….All eyes on the excuse bandit.


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