Ce n’est pas un Metrocard

inspiration by Magritte © bubblegumvision 2008

Treachery of Images by Magritte

“The one proposal that did not come in for much criticism during the first three hours was a plan to phase out the lowly token. Only one speaker, a Con Edison electrical engineer, rose in its defense. ”It is just ludicrous,” he said, holding up several plastic MetroCards, ”to get rid of something that is real for something that is not as real.”–“Mass Transit Users Protest Proposed Increase in Fares

Do you feel that the ride you take is worth $2?

Of course it isn’t. Standing at the back of a rotten vegetable truck would be a better expenditure of your $2 and you would get to work in less than half the time.

Do you believe that others in the past got a free ride?

1948, from $.05 to $.10 (double increase)
($.05 in 1948 = $2.57 in 2007 using relative GDP)

1984, from 60 cents, to 75 cents (25% increase)
($.60 in 1984 = $2.10 in 2007 using relative GDP)

1995, from $1.25 to $1.50 (20% increase)
($1.25 in 1995 = $2.34 in 2007)

2003, from $1.50 to $2.00 (30% increase)
($1.50 in 2003 = $1.89 in 2007)

in 2003 the MTA was compared to Jesse James’ visit to a bank in their shared need for money.

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