New York City Riders have the strongest voice; a Rider strike would put a Deciding Dent in the MTA

MTA lifeline: Riders $3.1 billion each year (conservative estimate), City$2.8 billion and New York State $3.9 billion a year.

So why are the Riders even listening to the mayor?
Why do they accept Unsatisfactory Transit conditions and performance every day?
The money the City and State has to dispense to the MTA comes from taxation of the Riders.

The MTA reported the total ridership on its largest service, NYC Transit, as 1,562,515,065, multiply that total by $2.00 a ride for MTA sales receipts on its NYC Transit ridership:

Total from New York City Riders: $3,125,030,130.

The MTA receives more than $8 billion or more from federal transportation funds a year. MTA is in the long lines that wrap around the Treasury Department’s hit run “Bailout”. [see lines here]

How much from the city?

There will be at least $10 million more by charging City agencies for E-Z pass use.

The Mayor said the city already gives the transportation authority a substantial operating subsidy—$1.2 billion in fiscal year 2008. The Mayor also wants the police work done for the TA to be included, roughly $360 million last fiscal year. Additional millions are given to MTA by the city for (1) city bus company ($260 million), (2) Capital Funding Subsidy ($106 million), (c) Debt Service ($344 million in 2008) (d) urban tax receipts ($888 million) and maintenance of LIRR and MetroNorth commuter stations ($78 million in 2007).

Total from the City approx: $2.8 billion

How much from the state?
State urban taxes ($2.9 billion in 2007), matching city aid with $191 million for annual direct operating assistance, MTA student fare reimbursement ($45 million each year), $20 million subsidy for commuter railroads (special in 2007), 1/2 of the funds from $3 billion 2005 bond act are earmarked for MTA’s current capital program (6 million a year for five years).

Total from the state approx: $3.9 billion

See more: From Inside the Budget

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