The Man Who Would Be King Must Shout, "Show me the Money!"

On every gateway to Manhattan….

“According to a senior municipal bond analyst at a leading Wall Street firm, New York City could raise between five and six billion dollars immediately if it privatized its parking meters as Chicago is doing.”–Chicago Style

Kheel Plan — Double Congestion Charge and Make Transit Free

Yep whoever will be King of New York City shall say “Show Me the Money!” because fees and taxes are not going to fly.

Number one, applying fees to cars per weight to New Yorkers who already pay for mass transit whether they use it or not, and whether they drive in the NYC or not, doesn’t jive.

“54% of households in New York City do not own cars… In Manhattan the non-ownership goes up to 75%…New York City has the longest mean time nationally for commuters, 39 min …About one in every three users of mass transit in the United States and two-thirds of the nation’s rail riders live in New York City or its suburbs.” wiki

Number two, no state in their right state of mind is going to take on another state’s taxation; unless of course everyone who cruises into New York City has to answer to “Show Me The Money”. See Thompson Touts Vehicle Fee to close MTA Gap.

Taxes have past and presently only served as illusion to MTA’s infinite investing/spending habit.

“The Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Acts of 1767 angered colonists regarding British decisions on taxing the colonies despite a lack of representation in the Westminster Parliament. One of the protesters was John Hancock, a wealthy Bostonian. In 1768, Hancock’s ship Liberty was seized by customs officials, and he was charged with smuggling. He was defended by John Adams, and the charges were eventually dropped. However, Hancock later faced several hundred more indictments.”–Boston Tea Party


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