Be Grateful if you have a job

Under Bush administration: Unemployment has increased 7.1 percent and long-term joblessness has nearly doubled. In part because of this failure to create a sufficient number of jobs, the national unemployment rate stands at 4.5 percent, 2007

November 10, 2008
“There are now almost 2.8 million people unemployed in the last year chasing fewer jobs, so far in 2008, we’ve had a net loss of 1.2 million jobs.”–“Are jobless next in line for bailout.”

Under the Clinton Administration:
“Deficit reduction and more flexible oversight of financial institutions, combined with the Federal Reserve’s efforts to expand the money supply, virtually eliminated the credit crunch by the end of 1993. The economy has produced 7.5 million new jobs, the unemployment rate has been below 6 percent for 10 consecutive months, and inflation was only 2.6 percent in 1994.”–The Clinton Administration’s National Urban Policy Report


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