Be Thankful for Mountains; Job Gain: 50 Irreparable Loss: Mountaintop, the Planet

Write Governor Joe that Massey has got to go

Please Act Today!

On Wednesday Massey Energy will remove mountain tops

Please Act Today!

Please support the Coal River Wind Farm by calling or writing to ask Governor Joe Manchin to help us save Coal River Mountain.

Read Jeff Biggers’ story on it here.

Read Eric Reece, “Moving Mountains” 2006, a story about failed promises of Governor Manchin, about Massey power base.

Coal Mining at

Election Cycle Total Contributions Contributions from Individuals Contributions from PACs Soft Money Contributions Donations to Democrats Donations to Republicans % to Dems % to Repubs
2008* $2,640,226 $1,917,533 $722,693 N/A $793,148 $1,847,078 30% 70%

West Virginia Blue:: Massey Energy settles Clean Water Act lawsuit


I Love Mountains!

Do You?

I’m E(lise) and I’m getting some lovemarks out there for, won’t you?

Weekly 5 of the Best Lovemarks, 13 December 2007

…Personally, I love it when causes are put forward with social networking tools and this one is 3.0. gives a simple yet poignant message. We are all connected in reforming the energy industry’s abuse of Appalachia and we have a real chance of helping the people in Appalachia through our connected actions. Read more.
Elise, United States, New York City

see Showy Mountaintop Banners


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