Educating or Fining the New York City Subway Rider?

145th street “A” Experience

Dumping your batteries on the New York City subway tracks is not an acceptable form of recycling.

“Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, which can contaminate the environment when batteries are improperly disposed of. When incinerated, certain metals might be released into the air or can concentrate in the ash produced by the combustion process. “–Battery Disposal Guide

On D.C.’s Metro transit, police have a zero tolerance policy for eating and drinking on their trains; riders who eat and drink during the ride will receive a $10-$15 fine. D.C. users say their trains are clean and on time.

“Over the years, the transit police there have made at least two highly publicized arrests of passengers who continued to snack when ordered not to. In one case the offending food was a French fry; in another it was the last bites of a candy bar.” — Rubbing out rudeness

Pretty sure if New York City kept the same policy there would be no rats or roaches on the New York City subways. Riders in New York City feel free to eat whole meals at rush hour, with no conscience whatsoever as roaches crawl over the passengers legs.


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