Point Blank New York City’s Transit Lacks Passion

Change This
offers 53.04 Passion Manifesto

“Passion is energy.
It jolts you out of a rut. It gets you moving. It keeps you going.
Any endeavor, project or mission you set out to accomplish, when backed by passion, is pre-destined to succeed. In time.
Passion will keep you going until that time.
Without a driving force, it is easy to jump ship before port is in sight.
Far too often, ‘failure’ is a result of premature abandonment rather than futile effort.”–Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian, “53.04 Passion Manifesto

After reading the Ravitch plan its obvious New York City and New York State are not going to bring passion to the system and the only people who can make a difference are the riders.

I always say each and every rider of the New York City transit system has a duty to bring energy into their transit system. If someone is standing and wants to sit, couldn’t a person scoot over or close their legs, pick up their bag that is sitting on an empty seat, remove their breakfast meal from the other empty seat? These are basics and we have an uneducated ridership, its one of the major downfalls of their transit system.

One simple rule, Respect your transit system, don’t bring your junk, food and drinks to spill and dispose of in your transit system.

New York City has to reach out to the homeless and downtrodden on the trains. Imagine if you could find handfuls of the downtrodden in one spot, how easy, yet its obvious New York City does not reach out on the subway trains.

There are so many little things each and every rider and the City could do to bring energy into their transit system. These little things do not cost a cent. The City is paid for transit police services that need only be asked to do their job instead of redirection to protect Trump, Time Warner, Citibank and JPMorgan. Yeah, that’s it, a transit system that we wholly pay for is not delivering to us.

We must fight for the Kheel Plan and the Parking plan if we are to stand strong.

“According to a senior municipal bond analyst at a leading Wall Street firm, New York City could raise between five and six billion dollars immediately if it privatized its parking meters as Chicago is doing.”–Chicago Style

Kheel Plan — Double Congestion Charge and Make Transit Free

We must keep bridge levies, corporate taxation and increased rider fares out of the system once and for all. Let’s keep the negative financing out of the system, if the City and State can’t handle our transit then maybe the public should form an alternative source of transportation.

I’ve been following this community in Sonoma, a one planet community; commuters allowed. A Sonoma-Marin train for commuters is available [its smart like this one ], else everything is reachable within 10 miles; bikeable, walkable. Above all the community is built on Principles,

10 Principles:

1. Zero Carbon
2. Zero Waste
3. Sustainable Transport
4. Local and Sustainable Materials
5. Local and Sustainable Food
6. Sustainable Water
7. Natural Habitats and Wildlife
8. Culture and Heritage
9. Equity and Fair Trade
10. Health and Happiness

One thing about passion, if you put it in the right place, it a source of energy that is constantly renewed. A person like me should not be in a place like NYC. Its a pure waste of energy. I’ve given tons to the city in volunteer work and kind acts to people. I’ve tried to make it a better place. People have been telling me for years don’t stay here, don’t get caught up in it. So I am now listening, the time for leaving is overdue.

When my lease is up April 2009, I am so out of New York City. I’ve tried to help change things with a great deal of passion, there are just too many greed-based people in this city. They ruin the energy of this city.

I’d rather be in a village where people have principles in common instead of greed. Right now it is tremendously hard for me to work in a place that thrives off the money that came out of my pension and geekboy’s and so many others I’ve talked to about it. I do not receive enough pay to sustain myself on a minimum level. I have no insurance, I do not get holidays or vacation paid. I am treated like a piece of sh**. I was an incredible innovator and visionary from the time I first came to Manhattan until President Clinton came into office. He stripped away all my rights, he took away the mountain that I so carefully, so thoughtfully climbed and welcomed outsourcing and uninhibited greed. No one looks at outsourcing when they speak of the financial crisis and of illegal immigration. The truth about illegal immigration is profoundly ingrained in outsourcing. Maybe lawyers will have a change of heart when they are removed for outsourcing? [See U.S. Legal Work Booms In Inda, May 2008]

I certainly have no regrets. I have lead teams in all the big cities and several countries. I have ski’d every mountain in the U.S. and won many a boating regatta. I even won best promising actress in Meisner, a technique that currently gets me through the day. I have lived a diverse life and I deserve better, so I am dropping out of Greed City with no regrets.

What will become of New York City? I think it will continue downwards no matter who is running it. And it won’t matter because it really doesn’t have a brand. NYC is a brand built on no value. New York City has become irrelevant and has been doing so for years. Sounds alot like Lehman Brothers doesn’t it. I wonder why?


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