Ravitch is the new New York City Verb

on the couch with Ravitch image by www.meez.com

The Ravitch Plan is not a Disappointment, its a ….Disaster; a monotonous 21-page brief that adds no visionary light to decades of darkness. The Plan is to follow the same hypocritical passing off of bad financial decisions and greed management to the middle class in New York City.

This is the most poignant paragraph of the Ravitch Plan:

“Over the last two and a half decades, six successive capital plans have invested more than $70 billion, transforming the system and leading to soaring increases in reliability, safety and tremendous improvement to the quality of the transit experience.”–December 4, 2008 Ravitch Plan

I am alive and kickin’ and here to tell you it just ain’t so. I arrived in New York City in 1972 and have been a constant in the system. The system has only gone down, while I have remained young and up and happenin’. Why? I give value; the system does not.

Perhaps Ravitch will be the new verb. When the system continues to not work; we’ll just tell our corporate employer upon late arrival, de-energized, that we’ve been Ravitched.

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