Energy efficient? Computers do not equal better education and health care.

“Obama said the massive government spending program he proposes to lift the country out of economic recession will include a renewed effort to make public buildings energy-efficient, rebuild the nation’s highways, renovate aging schools and install computers in classrooms, extend high-speed Internet to underserved areas and modernize hospitals by giving them access to electronic medical records.“–2.5 Million Jobs from Energy Efficient Obama

After lighting, computers and monitors have the highest energy consumption in office environments.

Do computers hinder intellectual thinking for students?

“A technology-infused curriculum, may weaken students’ intellectual skills and, ironically, jeopardize their ability to thrive in the global economy.–Alan Warhaftig, Teacher Magazine

In real life I’ve seen the playout of computers in the classroom. Students are all over every map minus the one they are suppose to focus on. I mentored students in Dreamweaver and Photoshop and I soon realized that they were more interested in videos and chats that were adult-oriented. They might become vocational in the software but their child was left behind.

“The student’s task was to learn advanced Photoshop and Dreamweaver so that they could design and thus communicate with the world. That task was not on the road to success with their donated computers. I took them off their computers and placed black and white paper, scissors and glue, before them. I asked them to discover the movement and flow of objects and patterns as they exist in their life. What occurred was real learning, real life skills and the beginning of intellectual thought. I would pursue this activity and then teach them some of the dance movements for it on their computer.”–Elise Miller, 2002, “What Would George Say?”


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