Searching for the wrong job leads to the right job?

Average Salary of Jobs with Titles Matching Your Search

bartender in New York City, NY


software developer in New York City, NY


legal secretary in New York City, NY


First off, I don’t know if these charts are correct. I have a friend who is bringing home $170 a night as a coat check girl and I am bringing home $106 a day as a legal secretary. And actually for 4 months I made less than that because the agent was skimming off a $1. I pursued it and got all the backpay and the rate change. It only resulted in a few dollars after the taxes they took out. They added the backpay to the weekly pay, DUH! Its tuff! being a temporary.

About this time last year I resat my bartender class and the teacher was bringing home $300 a night. So I think huge reality checks are in order. As far as legal secretary jobs I saw exactly one permanent listing yesterday and the temp to perm pay is $17 an hour. Trust me the jokers will have you work slave until the last day of the third month and then you’ll get a call on Saturday from the agency saying they don’t want you back and they don’t know why. And I AM writing a book about all this.

I asked Geekboy about the current Software developers situation. He has been in it for over 10 years. They do not really make $90,000, they make about $60,000 and they put in 12-18 hour days. Their benefits are sucky IRA/401K pension plans that really are donations to the wealthy stock market owners. They don’t get insurance. They are always on notice for layoff. They must work whatever hours and go wherever they are so ordered. And you are never going to get a job unless you make your resume exactly like the wantad.

I left my software developer job in 1999 because I did not want to be the only woman in a group of men who did not have their green card. There was a huge morale problem. I stayed there a year leaving home at 4am, arriving at work at 7am and leaving work around 9pm and arriving home around 12am. I felt there was a huge lack of fairness gap in that job, that’s what I am feeling now about the low paying job I am currently acting.

I also calculated that I put so many hours into the software job that I wound up making very little per hour. Hey I always tried to leave at 5:30pm but it was always we need you for this and for that. I had nothing to prove there, whenever there was a problem not only in my software division but in the administration division people were told to give it to me. I was highly thought of. I have very admirable expertise in both fields and Principle certifications. You have to know I do not have a college degree, I taught myself everything I know. I paid for my certifications. Like I said I have worked at the top of the topnotch in the fields.

This year I’ll make less than $22,000 and the jobs on the market for software development are $90,000. Its hard to resist not going back. I think I’ll update my Principal Developer Certificates and then see how it feels. In the 70s and 80s and early 90s I made over $100 an hour as a software and administrator idea person. The downside was travel all the time, never home which made financees furious at me for some unknowable reason. And really my landlord was sleeping in my bed while I was away making dream programs outside of Stanford, CT. Its not like you have a normal life.

I was an officer at Columbia University in the 80s for one year, leaving it for the call of higher technology. I made $40,000 and received free tuition and health benefits. I took classes there.

Yep I am totally getting screwed by legal temporary work the past six years. Honestly I did look for software developer jobs during this time and was told they weren’t looking for anyone who did not have a master’s degree. I also looked for bartending jobs, got hired and then they looked at my ID card and said too old. Wow! you look great for your age! Maybe you can work for us during the day. We’ll call you. I also got some offers in the advertising world at the top but was afraid of working for clients that did not match my moral compass. Ha! look where I am now. I guess that’s still an option.

Basically its the “legal” immigration problem with software development and the “race” problem with legal secretary and the “age” problem with bartending.

Someone told me just yesterday you just have to make a decision and take the first step. Someone also told me to just lie on my job application and say I left my ID at home, when I apply for my next bartending job.

I told myself next software developer spot, make my resume identical to their wantad, more than two can play the game.

About my current job, everyone said leave them as sure as hell, leave them, they are totally abusive.

One thing for sure I am not staying at a place that does not pay me enough to live on. Its hard for me to work in a place that gives me a permanent secretary’s work because she can’t or won’t do it. She is getting benefits and paid more than I am. Yep, morale problem. At least at the last law firm I was at everyone knew who I was, they knew I was totally reliable and had the best skill set in the firm. Not once did I have an attorney say demeaning things to me. I do a great Vanna White impression for my current job; they ought to at least appreciate that.

All I can decide right now is that it would be unfair to just not show up to work. I know these jokers are just going to keep saying we are trying to find a spot. I saw a spot in their firm listed when they said that to me five months ago. The only reason I am in this spot is because the place I worked three years as a temporary got mad (they had me placed with their most difficult partner and had to deal with that because of bad me) when I became ill for three days on Christmas day. No one asked about my illness they just said don’t come back anymore because they did not want to hire me permanent. Now that I look back at it they were huge losers. Every three months they would say they did not need me for a week and then they’d ask me back for three more months. I asked about a permanent job and they never did anything about it until the last round. On that round there were so many partners and attorneys writing the administrator about me. I tested the highest on all their various tests and they said I was a great candidate. Not to think they were putting me off but their Administrator was busy and needed to interview me. That Administrator wrote me a rejection letter without interviewing me on February 2008. That’s why I don’t want to stick around for the same treatment with these jokers. Anyway they owe me 2 hours in comp time. You are not allowed to work overtime as a temporary. I am going to make sure I get that comp time this week. [needless, to say, but I will, I did not receive the time, it disappeared.]

This week I am going back to my bartending school to retake the course and I will send my picture and resume out to the bars. They allow you to do that. Its a good idea for any bartender to keep up with a changing field and its also a great place to network. Geekboy paid my school fee, I should try to use my bartending license.


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