Sharing your Private Product Passion with the Internet

Doctor Ibe is in love with his product. He has been in love with it for over 15 years; sharing it only with his neighbors.

Recently he shared the love with the internet. In his first month of lovein’ternet he netted $16,000 and extended his customer base to a national and international level of 20,000 daily vistors to his site: ScentofNatures.

How did he do it?

He first offered free samples because his products are an unknown at his new global venue; he’s an original. His belief in the value of his product secured his first 100 samplers within days. He sent out the requested samples and the samplers acknowledged Scent of Natures‘ products value through word of mouth. He also started adding valuable content to his site.

He loves his new global customer base; their satisfaction is only second to the lifelong passionate love affair he has with his product. He says his products’ value is priceless and sometimes he cannot bear parting with a product, that he is so enamoured with every aspect of a product that he instead just keeps it all for himself.

Try it and see at Scent of Natures. His new customers have even put him on the Google map (see below after watching Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.” Both their passions are contagious).

Try it out.
Funky Fresh


free samples

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