Silent Firings, Silent Depression

Since 1973, a “silent depression” has haunted the U.S. economy, unrecorded in the economic log books that chart the recessions and expansions of the traditional business cycle. The 1980s, and now the 1990s, have shown that economic growth and improved productivity do not automatically translate into improved living conditions and purchasing power for most workers and families.”–Dollars and Sense, April 1992

Under President Nixon, American involvement in the war steadily declined from a troop strength of 543000 to zero in 1973.

In the spring of 1992, President George Bush was riding high after a war in the Middle East.

“It is better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong.”–Keynes

November 4, 2008
the market has lost nearly 12% of its value since Obama became President-elect. Hardly a measure of confidence.”–November 4, 2008

Actual Job Creators Favor McCain 4-1 Over Obama,”

FDR’s economic administration was a failure.

Just remember if your employer is not treating you as they should; i.e. you have been in the job for six months as a temporary worker and there are no signs whatsoever of a permanent job; if you are basically given more work than your permanent counterparts (the employer must treat you equal to a permanent person except for benefits and pay) and, if your boss implies that you are stupid, which of course can’t possibly be true since for almost three months you sat a desk within yards of your current desk, where you took care of everything perfectly and, now the person returning to that desk can’t handle their job and you must do some of it for them, DUH, you aren’t stupid. Finally, you should not be made to think you are a diner waitress taking orders from your boss and then told that you got it wrong, when you did not, that is unless of course you are a diner waitress.

Yep, let them know you are leaving, and tell your agency you are letting unemployment know that you are fired. Because basically as a temporary if you are treated badly you are being pushed out of your job. If they add tremendous work to an overloaded desk then that is called being pushed out of your job. If they give you nothing but getting bandages from reception, xeroxing, answering tens of phones, getting coffee or milk for them, filing and really not utilizing your secretarial skills they are misusing you. If you are demeaned on a daily basis for nothing worthwhile talking about that is called pushing out. If your supervisor tells you that you will never be offered a permanent spot for the one you are covering because only a man can do the job that is way over the top, that is discrimination. If the supervisors say you can’t wear your street shoes on the street because they are sneakers and you tell them they are Privo mary janes and you wear them to keep you from being crippled and they say they don’t care and they continue to pursue the matter with your agency, that is discrimination. Like people told me last week get the hell out of there. So I did. Yeah me. On to better things and that job is so the past.

There are alot of great jobs out there and people are quitting their jobs and they are finding better ones within weeks. Fired doesn’t always mean your boss said you are fired. Firing is very often as silent as the current media acknowledgement of the silent depression. Stand up for your rights, you’ll be surprised what you get in return.

Be obsessed with your potential for it is great, the universe is not dependent on anyone but you and your potential.


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