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hUH? You wanted to know where the last post for this title is? Its buh bye.
I thought i would just blitz them, they served their purpose, I am just going to stuff them back into the trendy time machine.

New York City Pathetic: When Huh?? is the Factor

I am still smothered in cigarette smoke and deaf. I wasn’t deaf when I came to this apartment. I did not have the lung and pulmonary problems I have today. When I moved out of the place that originated this condition I lived at a place on 135th and Malcom X for 7 months. Why? Because the landlord said no smoking in the building or in the apartments. I left because she went missing alot and while the cat was away the mice came out to play, i.e. profuse smoking in the illegal areas of the building and in the apartments.

And did New York City Transit or MTA think twice about what they are doing to our ears with their bus and subway noise? I didn’t hear anything, did you?

That’s because they are too busy dispatching their money woes onwards to New York City riders.

In 1994 New York MTA overbilled New York City by $1 million (here).

In 2003, “an audit by the state and city comptrollers found that the MTA kept two sets of books, one of which was filled with doom and gloom – and hid more than $600 million – in order to justify a fare hike. The MTA denied it.”–(here)

In September 2008 to date:
No sign of an audit report on the New York MTA yet from the New York City comptroller (here)
No sign of an audit report on the New York MTA yet from the New York State comptroller (here)

Just following up all the media blitz in July 2008 that promised an initial audit by September 2008.

WUZ up Guys? Huh?

Why don’t the boys in Albany do something?

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