Minneapolis Mayor Ryback’s Got "It"

In Response to President-Elect Obama’s Pressure Cooker Offer of use $60 billion or lose it, make repairs on anything and anyway, just spend the money…

Shouldn’t we be having a Leave no Rider Behind Campaign or something?

“…The quickest things we can do may not be the ones that have the most significant long-term impact on the green economy. Unless we push a transit investment, this will end up being a stimulus package that rebalances our transportation strategy toward roads and away from [what] we need to get off our addiction to oil.”–Mayor R.T. Rybak

“Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak is proud that his city was able to quickly rebuild the Interstate 35 bridge that collapsed into the Mississippi River in 2007 while making sure to include capacity for a future transit line on it. “–Stimulus Package to First Pay for Routine Repairs.

If only the MTA spoke like that. Each year MTA keeps its unions employed by fixing that which doesn’t make sense, is out of date, doesn’t work. Even the same trains and buses are ordered. New buses are found frivolous and soon not working; upholstery in a bus? please; braking to create energy, come on. Just because New York City has one of the largest transit systems in U.S. does not mean that it works, it doesn’t work. Big is not Better.

How about spending money on Value for a Change?
In 1994 the MTA spent $3 million to conform their brand (here). How about spending something on Value for a Change?

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