The New Deal for HUD is an old Deal for HUD

Mayor Bloomberg and President-Elect Obama applaud Donovan for New York City’s affordable housing (here).

While thousands of affordable housing units may have been created; where are they, what are their construction standards and is smoking allowed? Above all, who did affordable housing go to? My research shows that most of the affordable housing in New York City was given to municipal workers who make vastly more than myself and who are not handicapped, as I am.

I have excellent credit. I could have easily bought into the same mortgage as the people who did not have excellent credit but made way more than I. They got a house and help and I get to pay $1200 to a landlord who has never even bothered to come see the smoke conditions in my apartment though two (2) years have almost past with great struggles still going on in court, HUD and the health department (they have not only done nothing but they have boldface lied in the fact of undeniable fact and evidence). I have holes in my livingroom walls so that the temperature is 40 degrees just like it was on 135th street and MalcomX. My subway stop doesn’t work. I live in a ghetto.

I know I am not the only one. Thousands of others have been through the same, not bought in to mortgages, excellent credit, always pay rent and apply for every affordable housing and hear nothing going on decades.

So please don’t say New deal for HUD when it is a very old Deal indeed. What ideas? I don’t hear any ideas at all in your speeches and patting on the back. Get real.


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