Freakonomics swag available for the right answer

Answer Freakonomics “What do Prostitutes and Rice Have in Common.”

In other parts of the world, New York City being the anomaly, consumption of rice and prostitution go down when income goes up.

New York Times sure has a Curbed*-ish crowd over at Freakonomics swag contest.

Over at Gawker, in October 2008:

“Dylan works for a madam who runs a pair of brothels just north of Wall Street, where the going rate is $260 an hour, $160 for half. The madam says that that’s all the market will bear right now: “The $1,000-an-hour girls are just not making it.”–Prostitution Still a Safe Bet?

The “Affordable Housing” rag continues:
*Curbed was listing the latest auction for 18 “affordable” units in 2280 FDB Harlem.
You can download the PDF of the requirements and instructions right here, but if your household pulls in more than $83,531.25 annually, don’t bother.

And I add, if you don’t pull in $47,000 a year don’t bother either. And that is for a studio my friends in Harlem. Really affordable SCSM It looks like ultra cheap construction.


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