When your super hits you up for a tip….

I just saw my super. He said you are really looking good these days. How is everything. Yep, the calendar reads December 16, 2008. Its tip time. I don’t own this apartment, I sublease it.

I saw my super sometime in July 2008 and the first thing he said I haven’t seen you in a long time. I said yes over a year ago. Both times were because of the inhabitability of this place. The first time May 15, 2007 every faucet in my apartment was leaking, toilet not working, gas stove not installed properly, leaking, tiles defective, hole in bathtub (this was all pre-movein). In July 2008 the toilet from upstairs was dumping everything into my walls and toilet and it was about ready to fall through. There were rats in the apartment and he was suppose to fix under the sink. He did but the work did not prevail with the rats. He left the whole place incredibly dirty. I don’t think my landlady gave him a tip either of these times. She probably won’t give him a tip this year.

I didn’t give him a tip last year because I was sick. He probably deserves the tip this year.

Oops I don’t have any money. I searched on Google for some advice and found in the comments of the New York Times that someone was going to give retroactively. Geekboy is coming around this weekend I’ll ask him what he thinks I should do. Maybe $75 now and $75 later on in January will be fair enough and help make up for last year. They also said you can give the super gifts. Well I found an Aveda personal blend that I had never used. That will help tide my tip karma over for a bit. $75 is steep and I have to wait until Friday when its available in my account. Yipes, oh well, cost of freedom.

See Holiday Tipping in an Economic Downturn.


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