Back to 2009 Verbs: Self-Trust

Verbs for 2009: Trust

In 2009 people still working for someone else will continue to live in fear of losing their job and they will continue to have less; i.e. nothing new, this has been going on for a decade.

Since 2003 over 15 million in the U.S. have been trackably unemployed. See LaTimes. In 2003 unemployment was over 9.7 percent. Current writes that today’s unemployment is around 12.5%. I think its more like 22.2%. You have to know that 2003’s 9.7% can’t claim unemployment, that as far as the trackers are concerned they’ve disappeared.

15 million or more people could make a difference, they could tip the scale of power. All they need realize is that:

True power is the moment you understand that you have 100% control over the images you see in your mind, and over your entire belief system.–absolute power

In 2008 the global economy collapsed due to lack of Trust. Who was in control of that trust? Who let the firewall down? We know now that the Confidence busters were unregulated rating agencies.

“On November 2, 1999 , only ten days before Bill Clinton signed the Act repealing Glass-Steagall, thereby opening the doors for money center banks to acquire brokerage business, investment banks, insurance companies and a variety of other financial institutions without restriction, Alan Greenspan turned his attention to encouraging the process of bank securitization of home mortgages.

Asset Securitization – The Last Tango: What had emerged going into the new millennium after the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall was an awesome transformation of American credit markets into what was soon to become the world’s greatest unregulated private money creation machine.

The fact that the world’s rating business was a de facto US monopoly was no accident. It was planned that way, as a main pillar of the financial domination of New York. The control of the credit rating world was for the US global power projection almost tantamount to US domination in nuclear weapons as a power factor.”

from the Market Oracle


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