Kirkwood’s Theory

“…I’m working on a pair of flats, but for me, it’s either super-high or super-low. There’s no point messing with anything in between.”–Dangerous shoes

Trends are quite often set by bad behavior at the tail end of November and December. And for 2009 Kirkwood lets us know sympathy not tea will be passed out for the models that fall and those who follow them. Your feet will not get a break in 2009 if you continue with such affections. Widgets

An AOL posting on “Shoes Our Feet Love“, an astute poster #40:

“I’m not going to knock anyone’s style, but I’ve observed enough people and found it fascinating that shoes are like cars, they reflect one’s personality, comfort zone, and commitment to self-preservation. You’ll have some people who will sacrifice fashion for comfort to people who will sacrifice comfort for fashion. But those that fit in-between seem to be more patient and focused on a healthy balance of the two.”–#40, “Shoes Our Feet Love.”

Sneakers go

From Sole to Soul – Clarks Shoes

Your feet will love these puppies even when they get older


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