Don’t Leave MTA wondering what your Story Is

If you want to see change Tell Your Story about the MTA

Be Smart Make it Art.

Prevent MTA Doomsday

It’s official. The MTA is moving forward with their “draconian” plan for 23% fare hikes and disruptive service cuts. Transit is vital to New York’s economy, environment and quality of life. Tell the decision-makers how you will be hurt if they don’t invest in transit. Send a letter to the editor telling your story.

take action

Today is Target free Friday at Moma 4-8pm, snow and rain days are supremely crowded, wrap around lines…dress warm, bring umbrellas…

Of note:
Marlene Dumas: Measuring your own Grave
Reviewers have left the exhibit wondering about the stories behind the exhibit.

Don’t leave MTA wondering.

Check out the MOMA exhibit Pipillotti Rist, “Pour Your Body Out”. Widgets


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