Who needs an intervention?

“Economic interventionism is generally associated with the political left (socialist, left-wing liberal or green parties) which believes that certain market outcomes are undesirable and ought to be mitigated. Economic interventionism is sometimes practised by national conservative parties with the thinking that the free market can damage national traditions, social order, or the authority of the state itself.”–wiki

from the Wall Street Journal, Bush on his Record

“”I think people will look back at this period in time and say that George W. Bush, when confronted with a significant financial problem, put all chips in.”

“I worry about some using the excuse of rescuing the economy to undermine free-market principles, whether it be domestically or internationally, I worry that the idea of trying to regulate the markets — which requires some regulation no question — but the danger is overregulation . . . So, yes, I’m concerned.”

“I wanted to make sure that we send a clear message that while there were excesses, we should not destroy markets.”


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