If you are going to throw a shoe; choose TOMS

On December 16, 2008 a shoe thrown instantly received praise as the new discus of GLOBAL dissent. See Mid East press glee at shoe throw

“During his first year TOMS owner, Blake Mycosie, sold 10,000 pairs of shoes, and Blake returned to Argentina to lead his first annual Shoe Drop during which he donated to the children who had inspired him.* This November Blake will travel to Africa where he will be giving back over 50,000 pairs of TOMS.”

*In 2006, a rope-soled shoe, alpargarta, and the poverty and health issues in the country who owns it, Argentina, inspired TOMS misson:

“Make life more comfortable for those without shoes.”

One would think the first out the door with praise for TOMS would be goodwill ambassadors; however, the Fashion Industry Shaper, Vogue, was the first to sing TOMS praise.

October 2006 Vogue

December 2006 GQ‘s Best Stuff

February 2007 Time magazine

April 2007 Oprah’s Good Guy of the Month.

September 2007 People magazine

August 16 2007 Style.com Vogue Most Wanted

August 30 2007 Womens Wear Daily

In October 2008 TOMS received Cooper Hewitt People’s Design Award.


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