Noticeably Contradictory; Transportation analysis flawed?

Perhaps its just a prerequisite for being a department under a Bloomberg mayor, contrary, contradictory most often rules the day. Perhaps that’s why they don’t do something. Perhaps that’s why we are haunted by their shades of doom.

“Elsewhere what we see is the growth in travel being absorbed by the transit system, but 60th Street is the one place that we see traffic declining and transit increasing.”

“You have very rich transit service and very heavy traffic congestion,”

“The data did not undermine the basic principles behind the plan, since traffic levels remain well above what they were a decade or two ago.”

“People can make a judgment as to whether it’s acceptable that the traffic is as heavy as it is,” he said. “If it’s stable, I think that’s good news. It doesn’t mean that it’s stable at an acceptable level.”

New York City grew but traffic didn’t

like I and others have said,

Bloomberg Backs Up Kennedy Without Backing Her

Its very simple, we just want them to do something…


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