revelatory, exceptional, illuminating…

are words from reviewers at Village Voice, New Yorker and New York Magazine awarded to past performances of New York City’s resident creative process, Guggenheim series “Works & Process”.

2008 “Works & Process” performances at the Guggenheim were profoundly ‘revelatory’ in what 2008 would be.

Ballet In Sneakers
Jan. 20 and 21 2008
Ellen Bar and Sean Suozzi, New York City Ballet dancers and creative producers of the film,
NY Export: Opus Jazz (<—explore the website), brought Opus Jazz to Guggenheim’s “Work and Process.”
Jerome Robbins ballet was about New York: NY Export: Opus Jazz

Flying To The Edge Of Space And Time
Mar. 2 2008
Professor David Helfand, Columbia University

Professor Helfand declined tenure in the early 1980s as senior professor of the Department of Astronomy at Columbia University; today he is still chairman of that department.

His performance in the “Works & Process” is described as a visual journey through the galaxies, revealing both our knowledge and our ignorance.”

If you want to get excited about New York City again and its creative process in 2009 check out the “Works & Process” at the Guggenheim Gimme More? click here.

On the World Premier list — “Kool – Dancing in my Head” and “ScentOpera”.

Works & Process Challenge Grants

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Sneakers go Widgets


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