The anomaly in bartenders

In the evening I’ve been taking my bartender course over. I received my license in 2005 and never wound up bartending. I was going through a stack of awards and certificates I never used one day, a month ago, and said how about this one?

This evening my teacher said there are jobs for every personality out there. Great job placement results from looking for a bar or club that you would go to; that you like; and that you feel comfortable with.

Later in the evening he was appalled because I told him I never drink; I am not a drinker. No physical problem about it; its just not my thing. We didn’t have alcohol around us when we were growing up. When I came to class in 2005 I did not know one single drink. He said then why are you here? Show me the money! It pays at the minimum several times over the job I’ve had for the last six months and I will only have to work two days a week. I’ll have the freedom to work on the launch of some of my businesses. He still looked puzzled. Do you know what it is like to work for people who do not have hearts? I love to make people happy and excited. I love to make creative twists on drinks or just the best of the original a person has ever had. I like the colors. For the rest of the class he kidded me, are you liking the colors?

At breaktime, listening to hiphop, our conversation made me remember that I don’t even accept dates to meet at the bar. In hindsight, I was sure glad I didn’t mention that one.

This time around the bar is s-ooooo much easier. Yes I pour the perfect drink.

On Chow, Joshua Bernstein writes:

Sensitive New Age Cocktails

Does a happy bartender make a better drink?

“Yes” says Dushan Zaric, owner of Employees Only:

“On a recent evening, Zaric led a workshop for other bartenders. He laid out five glasses filled with premeasured ingredients for a cocktail called the Hemingway Daiquiri, had five bartenders mix them, and had the rest of the attendees sample them. Though all the elements—from the booze to the number of ice cubes to the shakers—were identical, the drinks were not. Each had a slight variation of sweetness, sourness, or bitterness. “The differences,” Zaric said, “lie inside of you.”–Chow stories

Oh Wow! I so totally want to work there!

Finally, Seth Godin fills the glass, that is already more than half full with tequilla and OJ, with that ever so important grenadine, to make the sun rise. 🙂

“Confidence is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, particularly in marketing or investing. Arrogance, on the other hand, is hard to reward. My favorite combination is the quiet confidence of knowledge, combined with the humility that comes from realizing that you’re pretty lucky and that you have no idea at all what’s guaranteed to work tomorrow.”–Hubris vs. Humility


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