Care for insurance companies does not mean Health Care

Time and time again I’ve experienced the cruelty that is shown to my dad by the care for insurance companies system. He not only has medicare; he has expensive private insurance and large out of pocket expenses. He refuses to sue. Dad that is what it takes. Litigation is the hearing range for these morons. Today’s health care woes are caused by those who will not stand up.

One would think my dad would get decent health care. The law allows the uninsured to be hosed; not the insured. When he fell this time the medics took him to a new hospital in town. They sent him home with a just a bruise. They did not give him a thorough checkup. He had internal bleeding and a broken shoulder and fragmented neck. He was in excruciating pain. How lazy, how piggish, how stupid before people stand up. In the end the hospital and the insurance companies will spend several times over for my dad; oh and they’ll bill him for most of it. My mom will dutifully pay it because she doesn’t want to stand up. When the house doctor came around they just assumed he had a thorough checkup and they furthered the hospital’s negligence. My mom is numb right now. She recognizes she was extremely cruel to my dad. Not knowing that he was in trauma she forced him to move. I always told her mom, don’t do that. If he is crying or protesting he knows. Trust him. So what anything, just let it be. I tell her now, I know you had the purest of intentions. Don’t blame yourself. He doesn’t know how bad off he was. Uplift yourself. What the hospital caused us all was psychological torture and they charged for it. What else is new?

My Dad had in the past gone to St. Johns but they were closed up, moving etc.; saving money. The new hospital was trying to save themselves money for some reason at my Dad’s expense; they were robbing my dad and patting themselves on the back for such a fine job. They didn’t do their job. As a result my dad was left in massive pain. That is why he is sleeping endlessly.

People always think they are so righteous when they don’t demand better. Nothing will change until you demand better. It does takes time. The court cows will not address your case and the facts but rather listen to stupid attorneys who go on about how self represented litigants have no rights, how the case is frivolous because the self represented litigant has no attorney. What else can they say I have not caused the case to be stretched out they have. I have sent only one document discovery and they have not answered it. Each time in court the judge just ignores the fact. I have only made an endorsed complaint that was sufficient in that the particulars of the case were already known in full to both parties. I was forced to do a formal pleadng by an order, the judge not even asking me a word, just granting an order, next. The defendants have a motion for formal pleading and three answers and two batteries of document discovery. I have only one case as a plaintiff in all of my history (that being this case). How many lawsuits for negligence does the defendant have? They’ve settled most of the cases out of court; they have many. They have a sordid legal history. So many that the state district attorney forbid them any more coop conversions; however they were allowed to change their name and do more. Such shallowness on the part of the defendants and court will always fail; one day a judge will actually read the papers. Meanwhile the pig is on the trough and you and I suffer. Eventually there will be law and it will have been effected by my work. If more people stood up we would not have the blatant fraud that is now the core of our town. Stand up that is the righteous thing to do.

The other day I was in the hospital arranging for health care. The financial woman told me oh, second hand smoke, we all have that in our apartment. I said look lets just get one thing straight. I have a 2005 ER release with hemopsytis and first stage lung and pulmonary disease. I have not had any medical care since that diagnosis for going on four years. Because a coop board president blatantly lied to me and told me there was no smoke problem with the apartment or building I have been caused irreparable damage to my lungs and heart. Two neighbors revealed to me that the people living in the apartment before me smoked liked chimneys, an additional problem that the gunk is inside the walls and floor. I have been exposed to severe, mind popping second hand smoke. I showed her the pile of graphs that showed almost 50 times the amount allowed for very poor air. My lungs wheeze, I cannot laugh among other things. I will get this health care. I live in poverty though I worked for a very wealthy law firm that gave me more than the work of their permanent employees; they did not treat me equally and to top it off they were extremely cruel. I pay $1200 for a two room apartment that has holes in all the walls and gaps in the floor and a patched over hole in the bathtub. I really don’t get it. I have only $100 to pay all my living expenses after rent each month; my gross annual income is within the guidelines for care and you are just saying, oh second hand smoke we all have that. I know that people in poverty have way more than I do. I lived on 135th Street and Malcom X and Adam Clayton Powell because they said no cigarette smoking. I saw the game. There is no way I am going to stand here and have you put down my request. By the way, I noticed a few violations out in front of your hospital. There should not be five hospital vans standing at the hospital entrance way spewing in diesel exhaust.


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