Industry wrapped around joy

The love that energized the paper lamp industry

Noguchi created the Akari to revive the paper lantern industry in Japan,

“-It… ] was sought “not as something oriental but as something we need.”(“A Sculptor’s World, ” p.33 ) Product of psychological exigency, social concern and aesthetic innovation, the Akari light sculpture is, in the end, deeply satisfying of human needs. Noguchi’s favorite observation about Akari speaks to this point, and sounds a poignant note for this man who said that he could feel at home anywhere because he was at home nowhere: All that you require to start a home are a room, a tatami, and Akari.“–

“The tree is a nice symbol of joy through hard times, it was 1931, unemployment was rampant, and the tree marked the humble start of what has become an enduring tradition,” —Nancy Armstrong to CityBlog (“The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: The History and Lore of the World’s Most Famous Evergreen”)

In December 20, 1907 New York State Commissioner of State Forest, Fish and Game Commission, James S. Whipple stated:

“My suggestion that young evergreen trees ought not to be cut for Christmas trees seems to me a proper suggestion along the line of the preservation of forest trees. The suggestion that artificial trees could be made which would take the place of these very valuable young trees is warranted, because it would furnish a large business and result in the employment of labor and capital.” Widgets


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