Viking Bro told me just keep going

We were talking about Dad and we made a pact, Dad is living.

I was reminded that last time this year I was on my “not living” bed. My family was crying about me. Geekboy was asking me if he should not go on his trip, should he go on to the airport. I was not well. I was suffering from a stage of lung and pulmonary disease. I was non stop throwing up for several days.

My family did not know I had lost my long term job as a result, a job that only had an Administrator to interview me before I was to become permanent. I think that long term job didn’t know that I was so ill. That’s the trouble with a pimp; they don’t know how to communicate, they just take the money and run. I asked the pimp several times what was happening with the job.

Viking Bro’s daughter is going to study journalism at Missouri or Northwestern when she graduates high school end of 2009. His son will be finished at Texas A&M with a degree in engineering end of 2009. Its a five year program and he did it in four. He also worked for his dad and home depot during school and the summers. He studied green engineering technologies.

My brother and his wife work two jobs to put their children through school. Their children get scholarships and also work. That’s what it takes to get there and a great deal of passion.

Their story is so inspiring. Its a story about living.


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