Real Time Networking is better than Social Networking

Its break time at my bar class and we are all feeling out the venues people in our class are going to work. One person tells me she would like a job like my last one. She has an advertising degree, has run a boutique and she’ll be a knockout bartender. I asked her why would you want to be a sitting robot. That’s what it is, complete brainrot. You are not allowed to think. You have to do exactly what they tell you and you have to stay at your desk. It wasn’t one bit of fun. Trust me bartending is so much better. You will be meeting all kinds of people and having real conversations. My teacher gives me a snarky smile. Well at least I will.

I realized that the classmate would be a perfect match for a business I hope to launch in January. Yes I am thinking this is really the perfect networking.

There were three turning points for me in social networking.

  1. Facebook: this guy who has my number, we worked for a futurologist together, wrote on my wall that he wanted to date me, come on, ok that was real cute
  2. Linkedin: A reality tv show producer denied my invitation, said they didn’t know me. However we had a face-to-face conference with followup emails setting up the project. Later we would link up in Facebook
  3. Facebook: I invited an ex to be friends on Facebook and he accepted. The next day he had withdrawn the acceptance. I looked at his friends and he had few, one being his wife. Some things never change. (Oh, he wasn’t married when I knew him, we were engaged and we did not separate because of a third party). Do we have common interests still, is there any point? Well he is a ui interface developer, I would think so.

Further facebook quirkiness:

  1. Facebook: I can’t find my niece and nephews on facebook because there are so many millers with that first name; they have the same problem.
  2. Facebook: My baby sister changed her last name to samiam (huh?). Yeah, its a little crazy over there at my facebook profile right now.

Most of all I don’t like the idea that employers and advertisers are coming over to linked in and facebook to dictate what will and will not be. I work the free market if you dig where I’m coming from. I am not interested in employers; I am interested in clients. Is your client going to judge your product or you. Perhaps both; still its not so tight as an employer telling you if you can wear sneakers or a mask to prevent second hand smoke intoxication on the street.

In 2009 I plan to rethink my social networking and blog totally and incorporate my tweeter (politicals, personal jive etc etc are going to another blog). This blog was originally suppose to be about an art student that gets lost in the advertising world and well I guess Alice found her way out. My mentor told me last year to make this blog a marketing boutique. That’s where I am headed. All the posts that make the cut for political, personal jive will be squeezed into my “Inner Lemmons” blog which Steph has said she’ll help me illuminate with you tube. Oh and I am really really going to be punctilious about being a better writer and the use of ; ;

Anyway onwards, not backwards for me in 2009.


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