When History Repeats itself; Repeat, Repeat, Repeat?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When Peace is Not the Answer, Follow?

“I didn’t want to expose them to all that hatred, I’m used to it, we’ve lived through the civil war in Lebanon, but this is different. I’ve never seen anything like this.” –Luigi Durand de la Penne evacuee in Cyprus

“Cyprus is used to providing a safe haven for refugees from Lebanon – it frequently hosted civilians fleeing from the violence during the 15 years of civil war there. But never has it had to deal with such a sudden demand and on such a large scale.”–BBC Cyprus

In Quotes: Lebanon

Bush – “My Attitude is this…”

Peretz – “We will no longer allow” …”We will no longer put up with”

In New York City, Hillary Clinton campaigned illogical analogies about borders.

image: bubblegumvision 2002 Plymouth, MA

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Present is the True Story

Actions speak louder than words.

Take all the sides you want, tell all the stories, but at the end of the day what has happened is the story that matters. Don’t tell me anything about this person did that. That is talk from someone who will never grow up.

Ask yourself, did you fund this? Will you blindly vote your representative into another term of Stupid Arrogance just because they are reborn? Look at their records and look at their actions.

The way through mediation is at the peace table not the battlefield.
To continue this slaughter is only building on the huge resume of the butcher.

Both sides have a right to peace. It is not just one side. That has always been the problem.

The diplomats lack character. They want to be seen as heros. They want their huge blunder of not immediately ceasing fire to pay off. They are perverse egomaniacs who don’t even care about their own people. Fact is, its too late, here’s the story, this is what the future generation will read in the history books or claim when they are fighting the same fight:

Reuters reports 683 people dead in Lebanon

1/3 of these are children under the age of 12

800,000 people have been displaced

10,000 Israeli troops are fighting a few hundred Hezbolla fighters

It is the 19th day

Israel begins carving buffer zone at Christian Science Monitor – Thu, Aug 03, 2006
Lebanon death toll ‘reaches 900’ at BBC – Thu, Aug 03, 2006
Israel claims to have carried off Hizbullah fighters’ bodies at The Daily Star (Lebanon) – Thu, Aug 03, 2006
Two killed, 4 seriously wounded in Acre rocket attack at Jerusalem Post – Thu, Aug 03, 2006
UN on brink of brokering ceasefire agreement at The Guardian (UK). – Thu, Aug 03, 2006


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