If you have shoes, wear them…

I was doing some massive photo and writings projects over the past week. One thing struck me throughout, my Dad was not wearing shoes as a youth.

My younger brother, Vikingbro, Ben’s father, has cancer. The cause, not wearing shoes; the cancer starts from the soles of his feet. In Ben’s Memoriam to my Dad (Here ), he speaks of his dad: ‘he works every day.’

My Dad suffered from Parkinsons Disease for a very long time until he passed on two Sundays ago.

Both my Dad and brother ran and played barefoot as children in lawns that were fertilized. Pesticides and herbicides used in lawns during their childhood days are known to cause cancer and Parkinsons disease.

So, if you or your little ones have shoes wear them. . .

1,000 people in Indianapolis will be given new shoes and socks as part of the National Day of Service on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 19th.

donate to Samaritan’s Feet

If you don’t have shoes well… maybe someone will drop a pair of Toms shoes on over to you.


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