What’s Good for Karma, Good for Bad Karma Bank?

The #1 Way to Change your Karma for the better is to Smile at a stranger.

I did ask if your bank has stolen at least $60,000 from every stranger you pass from the red carpet to your gas guzzling limo and the government has heisted an additional $60,000 from each of those strangers on your behalf… are your victims still strangers to you?

And what of the victims of this aberration.

It is said that they are to receive spiritual aspiration.

The victim who worked for 40 years and their fund already halved by the sale of the company (loss $150,000) and yet again halved in this collapse (loss $35,000); imagine working for 40 years and your pension is $35,000. [my Dad]

The person who invested in the government folly called 401k/Ira placed $10,000 in their account 20 years ago. The money earned has been reduced once again, to $7,000 in this collapse, $60,000 in the other collapses. Clearly their lot has been one of a roller coaster ride, yet they had no expectations and conservative investments that remained unchanged for the entire ride. [me]

The victim who faithfully put their 401K/IRA money in each month in the safe, money market CD has lost half of the money they put in for the last 6 years. [geekboy]

Was the victim greedy? Surely even with taxation and inflation their accounts would have reaped more in a bank account during these years.

Was the victim too materialistic expecting more than they reaped? Doesn’t sound like it.

I searched the web over and really did not come to any spiritual conclusion other than a fresh start; a start that tunes out government and bad karma banks and all those involved in bailout schemes and tunes in to you, who you are spiritually and otherwise, you are the only source where true wealth is.

Oh well, it sure was fun making fun of Bad Karma Bank, but hey, I’ve got better use for my energies. As far as I am concerned the game is over.

See further news on Bad Karma Bank from Daily Intel (’cause they got the picture): The Greatest Depression: Vikram Pandit Remained Cheerful As ‘All Hell Was Breaking Loose’ at Citigroup.”

Bad Karma Bank Overcomes Him

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