Forbes and Wonkette Take New York City Down a Notch in Word Only

Forbes‘ Most Wired Cities

1. Seattle
2. Atlanta (last year’s winner)
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Orlando
5. Boston.

Forbes toasted D.C. as the “wired city to watch,” because someone on the new team totes a BlackBerry.

Most Serious City, New York City not

“[D.C.], Like New York, Except its Actually Serious.–Wonkette

Meanwhile on January 21, 2009, New York City launched a state-of-the-art serious, wireless, $1.8 million Tourist Information Center in midtown Manhattan north of Times Square [here]. New York City teamed up with Google, Travelocity and Time Out New York to launch the center and, a New York City tourist portal.

Explore New York City with Google — from your home, phone, and in person

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