How Reliable is a Blackberry on NYC Subway? Has anyone seen Matt and Chris?

Techcrunch reported November 2008 that iPhone was twice as reliable as RIM Blackberry. here

“The great thing about this is that there is no one solution, we just try to converge the absolutely optimal choices.”–Matt Ferrisi, an ‘Ultimate Rider’

The “Ultimate Riders” had 299 subways under their belt at 3:15a.m. on Friday morning and considered that a strong pace. According to the two who would outdo current “Book of World Records shortest time title of the NYC Subway Challenge”, Chris Solzarz and Matt Ferrisi, had 194 stations to go. At that point in time their blackberry was dying (not good news for blackberry).

The two were expected to finish at 11:30 on Friday morning and return back to work.

7online com pictorial: here

I emailed them hours ago and there was no answer.

Did Will Math Break the Record?

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