Because we’ve got nothing better to do–Dallas Move over

New York’s got a tale to spin.

New York, New York, yes we have a tale that Blogjevich Doe can’t even toe in Chicago.

Oh come on you knew it had to be. Washington, D.C. usurp New York or even Chicago? Never.

No we had all kinds of breakfasts, lunches and dinners going on. Whispering. Shouting.

Which side are you on? Or was it about that? Location in the state of New YorkImage via Wikipedia

Paterson it was hard to tell until the end, he kept faith with what would keep faith with him.

Bloomberg, now some say he was backing Kennedy hard. Yet he did not do so up front, in whole. Never an utterance that he was exactly for her. Maybe because there were no guns mentioned. This new senator, HillaryII, knows and the whole town knows that the Mayor was definitely not for her guns.

Cuomo, oh come on, he wasn’t in the running and he wasn’t running. It wasn’t the time. Just like the McCall race, it wasn’t time. He would have to be for Kennedy, right? I mean, she is his children’s second cousin.

Why was Kerry so insistent that Caroline carry the mantle. Why didn’t Kerry carry it? She too has great credentials, inheritance, more voce and fire about human rights, no, unbridled passion for it and she’s not afraid of scandal. Why I think she’s put a smile on every New York woman’s face with what she has done so far. Why not Kerry?
NEW YORK - JANUARY 22:  US Senator Hillary Rod...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Now its clear that Hillary I and Chuck Schumer were backing HillaryII. And its clear now, that Hillary I was in charge. Hillary I was going to decide who Hillary II would be, and it was not going to be a Kennedy, at least not during her two years.

The amusing part of this tale of high drama that our politicians carried out before us, their constituents, is that Hillary II actually fits the people of New York City better than anyone could have ever believed. I think she and Mr. Bloomberg or whoever the next mayor is going to be, will come around, they’ll have their peace.

If Caroline had really wanted the position she would have been herself. She wasn’t filling her shoes, she was (or her hired experts were) trying to fill Hillary’s. That cannot be because Caroline is unique from Hillary. I don’t believe for one minute that anyone thought that Caroline had any dirty laundry, just imagining who said that takes you to the core of this drama, to Miss Communication.

Who knows, perhaps Caroline or some other Kennedy will run in two years and maybe we’ll vote for them. I hope they will. I think Kerry would make a good Senator. I think by then they’ll be in their own skin.


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