How much does it cost to be poor in New York City?

We’ll probably never really know.

There are so many deals cut in New York City for the “impoverished”. Housing that does not require real estate taxes yet earns incredible profits all in the name of welfare. Tenants roommating out rooms with no accountability or taxation again at incredible unreported profits. Landlords receiving special tax rebates and tax deductions when they are not held accountable to uninhabitable housing.

Who are the truly poor?

Some people in East New York pay $1200 a month for a studio while their next door neighbor pays $100 a month for the same 350 sq ft of drek. The same is true in Washington Heights and Hell’s Kitchen.

If someone who makes $10 an hour has two children and receives food stamps, free medical care and subsidized housing of $100 a month aren’t they richer than someone who makes $29,000 a year and pays $1200 a month with no health care or food stamps and other subsidies for their “minimal” living standard?

According to Trying to Live on $500,000 a Year in this Town (New York City), you just can’t fit in on that amount. Yet these misfits’ very lifestyle corrodes the lifestyle of the lower classes. It is their cars that dish out the pollution and take space and money away from public transportation. Their private schools and doctors insure that public schools and public clinics will be substandard. Their fitting in standards make sure that everyone else doesn’t get a chance at even a substandard living. Their charity reeks as they dish out stolen money to those they think deserving it. Their special rights belong to a monarchy not a democracy.

According to NCCP Measuring Poverty in the United States

“Across the country, families typically need an income of at least twice the official poverty level ($42,400 for a family of four) to meet basic needs. In high-cost cities such as New York, it may take an income of over three times the poverty level to make ends meet, whereas in some rural areas, the figure may be under double the poverty level.”


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