The Sexiest "Louis Vuitton" I Ever Did Hear

Oh, I so would have loved to have had my camera at lunchtime today.

I was on Canal Street walking my way up to New York State Civil Court.

All along the way from Eighth Avenue to Lafayette, Canal Street was crowded; no news there.

However, there was a difference, things had changed. Its as if there was a choreographed ad viralizing on the street. People were moving up to me and whispering “Louis Vuitton.” As I sashayed myself eastward I heard the sexiest “Louis Vuitton” I’ll probably ever hear in the NYC.

While some may think a fake Louis Vuitton is to the brand’s disadvantage, today’s performance proves otherwise. Every minute of everyday offers subliminal branding on Canal Street; the street that never sleeps on bargains in luxury’s world capital, New York City.

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