Do I need email?

I participated in the Great Social Experiment of the Millenium, facebook and twitter.

Hmm my family is on facebook

and people I don’t know are on Twitter (I am trying to get to know them).
(well ok, I know 2 people, a sister and her friend)

I am used to being analyzed on Google.

Facebook, analysis, are you kidding, where?

Oh and for twitter there is twitanalysis and even if you don’t push the wrong button it tells the twitter world that you are insanely generous; something you really don’t want anybody to know.

The real question I want to ask is do I still need email?

I figure if I didn’t have email I’d never know that someone was knocking on my door at facebook or twitter and maybe that would be a good thing, at least for a little while.

p.s. If you can’t get me by email then just follow me at twitter –> @trendygoodnight
Facebook? Good Luck! there are so many people with my name, even in the city where I live.

Whatever happened to using the cellphone?


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