My Dad At Rest

SAM’s picture 3/8/09

Today I received twitters and emails from various people talking about either how few people showed up at a funeral or how things were so good during the boom and now so bad (for them).

My mom would not let us invite people to the funeral, neighbors and friends were excluded. Still over 50 people showed up to pay respect to my Dad with less than 24 hours notice. However, we were told the Army could not come on such short notice.

And let it be known that the hospital that performed malpractice and negligence on my Dad will get away with it because my mom refuses to stand up. That Medicare will also get away with not providing nursing care for my Dad at the end. Lastly that the retirement plan that my dad had for his entire life was robbed by these investment predators and the company he worked for.

So really I don’t know who these people are who had the booms all these years. My Dad nor I did and I am pretty sure quite a few people have been suffering during the past Clinton/Bush years. The prosperity that Clinton claimed was not, while painting the town social, deregulating banks and importing and creating new citizens he tore citizens of generations from their homes and jobs and disgarded them though they were just as talented, actually more talented.

Ah but as you see we all meet our maker and then what did they take with them. I think nothing.

Karma indeed.

I noticed that they had engraved the wrong commission for my Dad, he received 1st lieutenant commission in 1955 and has such commission framed and hung on his office wall. My mom and sister agreed to make a request through the funeral home and I have made a request through the VA online. My mom says that she submitted the commission to the VA via the funeral home. Its very simple, Small things mean alot in terms of respect to those who serve their country.

In Memoriam to Clifford N. Miller, Jr.


One response to “My Dad At Rest

  1. Thanks for being proactive about setting things straight for your Dad. Thanks for taking action to correct a wrong. I agree that our military must be honored. NM

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