Oh Great, Bro has gone Generic

On August 16, 2006 the question was asked “When Will Google Go Generic?”

To most it was the most startling phenom that a search engine would become a household noun, verb, adverb, conjunctive, part of every major word in a conversation, but it was happenin.’

And later on in that same year Twitter was birding out generic handles through its api.

Then bitch made it as ok at the Academy Awards, sure it was natch for Slum Dog to hip hop on down the runway a couple of years later in the 2009 Acadamy awards while the American Idol idiots were calling the Talent Adoop a dog every other word in their attempt to sound conversational.

Right and fine, that’s the top of the trends folks, that’s how you’ve raised your babies, that’s our future. Its a future that lacks individuality or leaders, lacks character and personalability.

Yes so read the NYTimes while they slide Bro right into your generic word vocabulation, we are all thumb typing like idiots any way. I guess its alright as long as we think we are cool dogs. Isn’t He Bromantic?


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