5 Things Twitter & Fortune Magazine Should Not Follow

Ok so this tweeter rocked her website for Twitter, so what.

People are always rocking something over there at Twitterland.

I mean, really a Fail-Whale Club /: ?

1. I think Twitter is already a small team working on product development and marketing. Most likely they need to go the other direction, small great teams, emphasis on great and plural lots of them (‘behind every leader is a great team‘.)

2. A forum for twitter users on product developments they’d like to see.
Sorry but Twitter can’t even handle its help questions without unholy righteous Dude attitude.
Skip this one.

3. Yes paying attention to competitors and what they are copping off your product is good.

But why waste the money and energy on analysis. Just hire the Xeroxing dudes, totally cheaper.

4. Oh p-le-a-s-e. Twitter doesn’t need to integrate or expand 3rd party apps
it needs to get a grip on them.
It needs to delink them and
read them their rights this very minute.

I am no longer with Twitter because one of their 3rd party apps is telling me that Twitter isn’t updating me for weeks.
5. Twitter should stop listening to people who want to make the world go round. The world is already going round. Think about why you built this thing in the first place; go back to your roots.

Hey Twitter dudes, I don’t follow you,
Follow me!


Oh Great, Bro has gone Generic


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